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The elderberry, also known in many places as elder and elderberry, and in northern Germany as lilacberry bush, belongs to the muskweed family. The most common and probably best known in our region is the black elder. It not only likes to grow in the vicinity of people, but has also always been an important food and medical plant. Both its bright white flowers and its dark purple berries are used in the kitchen and medicine cabinet.

Hollerhöfe - Zu Gast im Dorf

Not only delicious, but also extremely healthy.

The mature berries contain many vitamins such as vitamin B1 and B2 as well as vitamin C and important minerals. They therefore not only strengthen the immune system, but also boost the metabolism. Elderberries are often processed into juices and syrup, soup, jam, puree, fruit wine, liqueur or even brandy.

Elderberry in the Hollerhöfe

Elderberry jam

aromatic, fruity, sweet

Especially delicious on our fresh breakfast rolls or as a gift for your loved ones at home.


Elderberry Lemonade

sweet elderflower...

...that's the taste of our homemade lemonade, refined with a squeeze of lime and mint...the perfect thirst quencher, especially in spring and summer.


Holler Secco

Sparkling. Refreshing and revitalizing. Our Holler Secco is also available to enjoy at home.


Interesting facts

Who gave the elder its name?

Before she shook the beds in the Grimms' fairytales, Frau Holle was a Germanic mother and goddess of the trees. The legends and myths tell us that she protected plants, animals, house, farm, people and cattle against dark forces, fire and witches. And her favorite tree? The elder, to which she gave her name.

Did you know?

The Celts regarded the elder tree as the black earth goddess Morrigan and also as the goddess of light Brigid. In Sweden, children are told that the goddess can be seen from an elder bush on the night of the summer solstice.

Hollerhöfe - Zu Gast im Dorf


Make a gift of enjoyment

Experience the special combination of fine wine, sparkling carbon dioxide and fruity elderflowers. During production, we attach great importance to the quality and origin of the natural raw materials. Fresh elderflowers are added to a base wine. These are picked and processed from our own elderberry plantation. Our elderberry secco is a genuine Oberpfalz product: produced and distributed regionally!

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From spring to late summer